One Month Supply of Sugar Free Me (8 bottles)
One Month Supply of Sugar Free Me (8 bottles)
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One Month Supply of Sugar Free Me (8 bottles)

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Sugar Free Me™ (8 bottles)

-Herbal Supplement

-Lasts up to 3 hours

-Eliminates sugar cravings

-Disables sweet taste receptors to eliminate the "reward" of sugar

-Lowers blood sugar 

-Increases energy and liver function

-Contains 8 Bottles of SugarFreeMe™ Spray, each bottle is enough for four days (One Month Supply)


BONUS MATERIALS: Cheat sheets, meal plan, restaurant guide, recipes, tips, videos, support and other bonuses!

"Sugar Free Life" Resources

-Step-By-Step Guided Program 
-A 7 day jump start program with daily videos
-A 16 week, step-by-step system for reclaiming control over how you feel and what you put in your mouth
-Video Lessons & Inspiration
-16 weekly video lessons with transcripts of me personally guiding you through the lessons.
-Meal Plan Calendar & Delicious Recipes
-A mix and match meal plan including simple recipes and ways to order, and a planning calendar
-Handouts & worksheets to help guide you
-Handouts and cheat sheets like: Dining Out Guide to Eat Almost Anywhere, Grocery Store Cheat Sheet, and more
-Frequently Asked Questions Video, answering your questions
-Answers to less frequently asked questions to help troubleshoot common hurdles